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Make Mathematics Easy For Your Child With Vedic Maths

The subject mathematics is a nightmare for many students. Understanding the intricate calculations and advanced mathematical problems is a problem they ususally face. To many students, the first few days of the mathematics class are fun. But as they proceed and start getting deeper into maths CBSE syllabus, things start getting tough. When the students have to imply a number of concepts of mathematics all together, they get confused.

We do not blame the students for this. It is not that they are not smart enough to understand the calculations. The problem lies in the way they are taught the various things in their class. The teachers in the education system have to follow a strict routine and finish the syllabus as per the latest CBSE maths sample papers. While doing so, they are not able to give the right attention to the basics and because of which the students start having troubles with advanced mathematical problems.

While the parents cannot blame the teachers for this, they can certainly start helping their children at home. Teaching the tricks of vedic mathematics can be a great help to your child. With Vedic mathematics tricks, your child will not just find mathematics easy but also enjoy learning the subject. Here are the benefits of teaching Vedic Mathematics to your child:

1. Allows Your Child To Solve The Matematical Problems Faster

The various tricks in Vedic maths makes solving intricte problems very simple. The kind of problem that might take 15 to 20 seconds for your child to solve, with vedic maths tricks they will be able to do that in hardly 5 seconds. When you child will be able to do so, then the confidence will boost and they will start enjoying mathematics. Let’s take an example of addition here to understand this better. 

The problem to solve is 66 + 576. So, as per Vedic maths the trick is not to directly add 66 and 576 together, but the numbers that are multiples of 10. Neither 66 nor 576 is a multiple of 10. So here we will add 70 (instead of 66) and and 580 (instead of 576). Note that in both the figures we added 4 to make them multiples of 10. Logically, we can also subtract 6 in both cases, but the trick here is to convert the original number into the nearest multiple of ten. Now adding 580 and 70 is easier and the result here is 650. To get the final result you will have to subtract 8 from 650. We do so because we added 4 in both the figures and 4+4 is 8. When we subtract 8 from 650 we will get the final result, 642.

In the beginning this trick will take time, but with practice and time, the problem solving duration will decrease. To learn these tricks in detail keep up with our regular and informative posts. You can also enroll your child for the online maths learning program of MathsGenii.

2. There is no need of memorizing concepts With Vedic Maths

Mathematics is a subject that is completely concept based. That is a good thing but there are so many concepts that memorizing all can be a tough thing to do. However, if your child starts learning mathematics with the help of Vedic maths tricks, there will be no need of craaming-up concepts. With this approach mathematics will be a fun puzzle to solve and no more a burden. 

3. Helps In Improving Concentrtion

Children are not able to put their hundred percent focus in mathematics. The simple reason behind this is that they are always facing intricate problems and concepts. When our mind has to go through complications, we start loosing interest. When a child will loose interest in a subject, they will not be able to concentrate. Instead of putting effort, they will want to run away from the subject. 

But with the introduction of Vedic maths, things will become easier and paying attention will become easier. Your child’s concentration will not just improve in mathematics but in other subjects and fields too. This is because of the simple fact that people good at mathematics develop the ability of focusing well. So, if the mathematical skills of your child will improve with Vedic maths, they will get the benefit in overall education too.

Vedic Maths has tricks to help your child have fun while studying mathematics. The MathsGenii’s online maths learning program also teaches the same tricks to your child. To make mathematcis easy and fun for your child, gift them our online maths learning program. 

Make Mathematics Easy For Your Child With Vedic Maths
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Make Mathematics Easy For Your Child With Vedic Maths

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