Latest Updates On The Mathematics Class IX Syllabus

Latest Updates On The Mathematics Class IX Syllabus

For the mathematics class IX syllabus, CBSE is bringing some changes. Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, being aware of these changes will help you. In this post, we shall share with you the changes in the syllabus. We will also throw light on the new pattern of question paper in the final exams and the weightage of the different units. All CBSE-affiliated schools will follow the new maths CBSE pattern that we will share with you.

The syllabus for math class IX for session 2020-21 has all six units, which are:

  1. Number Systems
  2. Algebra
  3. Coordinate Geometry
  4. Geometry
  5. Mensuration
  6. Statistics and Probability

Number Systems

In this unit, your child will learn about the types of numbers like integers, natural numbers, and rational numbers. This unit of maths class IX develops the strong base for your child. The overall weightage in terms of marks for this unit is eight marks. You must check the latest CBSE maths sample papers to know what kind of questions can be there in the examinations.


The algebra is the second unit, and it is divided into two sections, polynomials and linear equations of two variables.

In the polynomial section, your child will get to learn about the polynomials in one variable. It is essential to understand both examples and counterexamples of the same. This part will also talk about monomials, trinomials, and binomials.

In linear equations, the syllabus will cover both linear equations in one and two variables. Linear equations like ax + by + c = 0 will also be taught in this chapter. As the chapter advances, students will learn to use linear equations in real-life practical problems too.

The overall marks to score from this unit in the annual exam are 17. This is a scoring unit and can help improve the marks percentage in the exams.

Coordinate Geometry Class IX Maths

This unit will cover simple topics like coordinates of a point, Cartesian plane, notations, and plane’s plotting points. The student will also get to learn terms and names that are linked with the coordinate plane.

There will not be many questions from this unit and will carry only four marks as weightage. The students should not ignore the relevance of this unit. Having a thorough knowledge of the entire syllabus will be helpful in further classes.

Geometry Class IX Maths

This mathematics class IX syllabus covers five topics: lines and angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, and construction. This complete unit is exciting to study and also allows the student to score twenty-eight marks.

In the lines and angles section, a student will get to know about the lines’ intersections and the kind of angle formation because of that. Terms related to angles like alternate angles, corresponding angles, interior, and exterior angles will be quite common in this topic.

The topic of triangles will introduce the student to right triangles and congruent triangles. This topic teaches to find the area of a triangle based on given dimensions like hypotenuse and height. Learning triangles can be tricky; however, with interactive sessions of MathsGenii, it will be easy and fun. 

In circles, quadrilaterals, and construction, you will learn the basics of finding the shape area. Here the student will get the basic knowledge of geometry which in the future will be very helpful. 

Mensuration Mathematics Class IX

 Mensuration is all about areas and volumes of shapes like triangles, cuboids, cubes, spheres, etc. This unit will also introduce the Heron’s formula to the students. This topic in the examination can fetch the student thirteen marks in total.

Statistics And Probability

 Ten marks from this interesting unit are important to achieve an overall good score. This topic can be confusing for students, but not if they have the MathsGenii online maths learning program guidance.

This topic introduces the student to the collection and presentation of data. The student will learn to use graphical representations here. In the mathematics class IX syllabus, the focus will be on empirical probability.

The Importance Of Learning Mathematics Class IX Syllabus

A student will learn in the Maths CBSE 9th standard are important to develop a good base. Good learning here will decide how well the student will perform in mathematics in the future.

Make sure that your child does not see this level’s mathetics as a burden but as an interesting topic. MathsGenii is doing the same. To know more about our teaching, visit our webpage. 

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