Basic Geometrical Ideas

A location on any place is determined by a point. A line segment is made up of two points which end at exactly two points. It does not extend infinitely on both sides. Whereas a line extends indefinitely on both sides and hence it contains a large number of points. The lines which intersect at more than one points are called intersecting points. Parallel lines are lines which never meet and hence they do not have any intersecting points. A ray on the other hand is a line which starts at one point and stretches indefinitely on the other side.

A curve which is not open in any way is called a Closed Curve.

Whereas a curve which is open in some way is called an Open Curve. Angles are formed where the corners are formed. A polygon is a closed figure. A quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon.

Example: Calculate area of circle of radius {7 \: cm}

{Area \:=\: \pi r^2} \\ {\hspace{3.5pc} \:=\: \frac{22}{7} \times 7^2} \\ {\hspace{3.5pc} \:=\: 154\:Sq. \: cm}

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