Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan

Whether going shopping or applying for something new, pricing remains the primary concern of every person. The same goes with E-Learning when registering for some online classes; people often reconsider when it comes to the rates that an online institute offers.

But with Mathsgenii, you do not have to worry about money when a quality education is provided to you. We keep you motivated with our favorable rates.

So, neither the students nor the parents have to keep any doubt regarding our course fee. Like any other good organization, customer satisfaction is our key. Hence, we try to facilitate you in the best possible way, so that you do not hesitate to revisit.

Mathsgenii is a brilliant platform for mathematics. It helps students to develop their conceptual and logical thinking via its Online Maths Learning Program. Mathsgenii assistance is not limited to academic performance only. Still, it is also a perfect guide that will undoubtedly help students in their practical life because a strong foundation has a significant role in developing any structure. Thus, Mathsgenii believes in making the firm foundation of students to build their future bright.

Mathsgenii introduces different plans for its students to make the most of the opportunity. Thus, to enable a brilliant experience, you just have to pick up a plan you need to start with. And get registration for the concerned class from V-X by merely filling up the registration formalities.

The class sequence that Mathsgenii follows is hourly, two classes per week, making it eight classes monthly.

Note: The registration for each class is free, while we charge only for the mode of classes you select depending on the Mathsgenii pricing plan.

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Mathsgenii believes in providing education and skills for the betterment of the young generation over filling up its pocket. Hence, we prefer education over earning and have kept our course fees/ rate very flexible that may act very light on anyone’s pocket.

We have four payment strategies keeping in mind different scenarios in which a student may need assistance. Sometimes, it may be full-time assistance or for a shorter period. Therefore, Mathsgenii has come up with every solution to each concern to help enhance your mathematical skills.

Below is the detail of the Pricing Plan for Mathsgeniii Online Maths Learning Program:

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Monthly Pricing Plan:

The monthly plan is for those students who want to pay for the classes on a month-to-month basis, similar to the regular academic courses. In this pricing plan, each student has to pay $80 per month.

Quarterly Pricing Plan:

The quarterly Plan is for students who want to pay the full amount in four divisions, i.e., quarterly. A student has to pay the amount in 3 installments. In this pricing plan, each student has to pay $240 quarterly.

Half Yearly Pricing Plan:

The students who select the Half Yearly Plan will have to pay the amount twice for their classes. This pricing plan offers to pay $450 half-yearly.

Annually Pricing Plan:

The Annual plan is ideal for the students who wish to pay the whole amount once only. And the amount of this pricing plan is $900 annually.

A must-knowing thing here is that whatever the plan you go with, nothing will be changed. The selection of any plan will not affect the criteria or services of education that Mathsgenii provides to its students in any way. Every student will enjoy each feature of our courses regardless of the pricing plan . In contrast, the reason for different payment plans is just to make it convenient for the students to pay them as per their ease.

So, what are you waiting for when the solution to your every mathematical problem is just beneath your fingertips. Go ahead and select a plan of your choice and start the journey of mathematics with Mathsgenii.

Weekly 2 classes, Monthly 8 classes of 1 Hour duration each
Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs about Registration & Admin Support

FAQs about Mathematical Topics


Our curriculum has been well designed keeping in mind the education boards in India i.e. CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. We prepare the students to go the next level of higher secondary education where they will appear for various competitive examinations,

As soon as you subscribe, your online classes will be enabled. It will allow you access to videos, practice questions and quizzes. A online certified teacher will be allocated to you who will hand hold you during your journey with MathsGenii.

To attend online classes you need to have a laptop or desktop or tablet with good internet speed of more than 2Mbps. There will be a link after you login which will enable to do video conference with the teacher.

Our Online class size can vary from 1 – 4 children.

If you wish to cancel a confirmed enrolment made with MathsGenii, the cancellation policy contained in the relevant course or listing will apply to such cancellation with respect to the tuitions which have not been availed. We will not be in a position to give you a refund for tuitions which have been provided as that amount will go to remunerating the teachers.

In addition to the cancellation policy, our ability to refund the course fees will depend upon the terms of the mode of payment you opted for at the time of enrolment.

Depending on the cancellation policy of the specific course/listing, MathsGenii may permit the student to cancel the enrolment and/or refund an amount as mentioned therein (if any).

If the course/listing does not have a specified cancellation policy, MathsGenii may refund the paid amount for tuitions that have not been availed.

Further, if we cancel a confirmed enrolment made for any reason except for your contravention of the Terms of Service, MathsGenii will refund the course fees paid by you for such enrolment according to the Terms of Service.

However, if we cancel a confirmed enrolment on account of your contravention of the Terms of Service, MathsGenii may refuse to refund the fees paid by you, in its sole discretion.

MathsGenii is brought to you by MinuteBrain Private Limited. Our endeavour at MathsGenii is to get the best teachers across the globe, to teach kids mathematics in a comprehensive yet fun and engaging manner.

In case to make any changes in your profile like grade etc., you need to follow the given steps:

  • Log into your Mathsgenii account. Click on the option of three bars.
  • Tap on the ‘View Profile’ button and replace the class.
  • Press the ‘Update Profile’ button.

If any problem occurs, you may call us at +91-7008329124 or drop an email at

Sorry, we do not have any option to replace your existing registered email ID yet. To get more assistance, you can call us at +91-7008329124 or drop an email at

If you need to change your teacher or class timing, you must contact the Mathsgenii admin via call +91-7008329124 or email

SSC stands for High School Certificate, CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education, and ICSE stands for Certificate of Indian Secondary Education.

These are the different syllabus or counseling programs that most Indian schools follow.

The main mathematical branches include:

  • Number system and basic Arithmetic
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra
  • Calculus- Differential, and Integral
  • Geometry and Cartesian Geometry
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Matrix Algebra

Mathematical basics include the calculations or fundamental arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Teachers give the concept of these from the very beginning of class. Additionally, basic mathematics concepts with the rising higher grades go forward, like algebra, geometry, factors, ratios, etc.

When you see different sizes & shapes in two or three dimensions, we call geometry. At the same time, the fundamentals of geometry include point, line, and angles. Moreover, the two-dimensional figures in geometry are circle, rectangle, square, parallelogram, kite, rhombus, etc. And the three-dimensional shapes consist of the sphere, cube, cuboids, cylinder, cone, etc.

There are four fundamental mathematical operations:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

It is certainly not a simple task to solve problems of Mathematics. A clear & reasonable comprehension of an idea & consistent practice is needed to tackle math problems. The students can perform well and effectively if they take care of these things while solving problems:

  • Carefully read the issue with passions
  • Split the Problem into Parts
  • Change it into an Equation
  • Continuously Cross-check
  • Ask Until It Gets Clear

Seeking Some Additional Help?

Nothing to worry about; the dedicated Mathsgenii team is always there to support you regarding the Pricing Plan or anything else. If you don’t find any questions you wish to ask, let us know via call +91-7008329124 or email Our Team is ready to serve you 24/7.

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