Teachers With Vision

Our Instructors

Our instructors are selected with good academic qualifications, teaching experience and subject knowledge. They give special attention to every child and find out their learning gaps. They go deeper into understanding the child’s problem and addressing them.

Deborah Holmes - Instructor Image
Mathematics Secondary Class

Deborah Holmes

Sometimes i have to be strict with my students because i feel to achieve something you have to be serious about it.

Bruce Stevens - Instructor Image
Mathematics Intermediate Class

Bruce Stevens

I am always available for my students. They approach me in the midnight also if they feel they are stuck somewhere and i am happy to help them.

Michelle Baker - Instructor Image
Mathematics Primary Class

Michelle Baker

I believe that if you want to do something, you have to start early. So i make the primary graders to adapt some discipline in life so that it becomes their way of life.

Paul Santos
Mathematics Grade 10 Instructor

Paul Santos

I like my students and talks to them not only about studies but also about their likes and dislikes so that i can know them better.

Donna Carroll - Instructor Image
Mathematics Grade 8 Insturctor

Donna Carroll

For me work is not a job. I like teaching so i am here. I feel that everybody should do what they like so that they can be best in that.

Scott Valdez - Instructor Image
Mathematics Grade 4 Instructor

Scott Valdez

I enjoy with the 4th Graders. Their minds are very agile and they are ready to learn new things every now and then.

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