About Us

The team of Mathsgenii is a fusion of disciplined, trained, certified professionals who are honest and devoted to their subject.

Our Team

Our team comprises of professionals with industry experience of more than 20 years in Finance and Retail industry. 

We are passionate individuals whose only emphasis is on generating mathematical interest among students—and enhancing their overall academic performance by reinforcing their simple mathematics concepts.

Our team is highly qualified in their subject and is well aware of handling the students. Also, we believe in creating an educational-friendly environment to feel free to open up and discuss every doubt without any hesitation.

Moreover, our hardworking tutor devotes their time to ensure each student fully facilitates our classes. Thus, we carefully assign tutors for each class depending on their expertise and level of mathematics.

“The best Teacher is the one who is a student for his whole life!”

Keeping this golden line in mind, the team of Mathsgenii never stops grooming themselves as we believe until & unless we are not GOOD at our subject, how can we deliver the BEST.

B K Behera

Learn Step by Step and Learn by Doing

Mathematics skills are not build in one day. It takes years with practice and perseverance.  We will make your foundation strong and prepare you for bigger challenges in life.

B K Behera
Our Vision

Who We Are

"Nothing is impossible in this World if one has the passion and dedication to achieve it."

An organization without a vision is a life without a purpose. So before starting our program, we have thought through on what and why we want to offer this program.

Our vision is to reach to every child who wants to study and has a dream of becoming big in his life. We want to impart knowledge to students who are seeking knowledge but are unable to do so due to lack of infrastructure and resources. Our online learning platform will bring quality education to your doorstep. We believe that money should not be a barrier for a person who wants to study. So we offer competitive education at a lower and affordable cost.

Learn From Industry Experts

Our team comprises of people who have faced the competitive examinations and come out with success.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Learn from the comfort of your home without any hassle of commuting. Our dedicated teachers will be at your service anytime.

Professional Certification

After enrolling with us for longer term we will make sure that you get some professional certification in your career by guiding you through various career prospects.

What Do We Give You?

Mathsgenii is a community of experts with a desire to create a learning environment together. Here, we share a love for mathematics and cultivate different ideas, discoveries, and possibilities for learners. Besides, our goal is to generate such an environment where the students can develop their analytical, logical, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. That’s because math is not about statistics. It’s a theory that’s profoundly rooted in the real world.

Mathsgenii gives the students enough confidence to quickly remember topics and learn to use engaging data, worksheets, & stories to understand them. The team of Mathsgenii has allowed the students to enjoy their pace as each has a different approach. We make learning maths engaging and joyful for them with multimedia content such as board detailed data, gamified study guides, animated images/videos, assessments & assignments.

Mathsgenii is a Passion to Us, More than a Business!

Online learning has become a standard approach to learning and getting proficient information today. Thus, we have also come forwards with “Mathsgenii” to present our part in the online world with lots of mathematical solutions & concepts for the students.

Mathsgenii is not only about a business, but instead, it is a passion to us. Our program’s concept is to bring out a change in mathematics vision in students’ minds. Often, students get frightened when learning maths as if it is some “Alien” and will eat them.

We aim to remove maths-phobia and help the students perform well in academics and other life occasions. Our goal is to help students polish their knowledge of mathematics, let them know their skills, and give them a new mathematics vision.

Keeping the entire scenario in mind, we have designed our Online Maths Learning Programs with love and passion for creating a maths-friendly environment.

The team of Mathsgenii has included different online tools, including gamification, to allow the student’s best learning experience and give them knowledge about maths, opportunities for problem-solving with easy tutorials, etc.


24/7 Learning

There is access to learning 24/7, entirely personalized. Select a time of your choice and study being within pace.

Unlimited Math Concepts

We have outlined our program keeping in mind the standard academic abilities and complexities of students. So, they can find every mathematical practice as per their grades.


We are passionate about preparing for the future of learning maths quickly. So, we have made it very convenient for the students to access and use the program without trouble.

Practice Material

To strengthen the mathematical base & concepts, lots of practice materials or worksheets are available on our online web page.

Progress Tracking

We keep all the records of your practices here. You can easily access a progress report to analyze their performance.

Parent Engagement

Parents can get easy access to their child’s progress report and connect to the teachers to discuss the child’s profile.

Save Up Time

Doing maths is hectic and challenging, but you need not struggle much when you get the concepts. Our programs make it that simple to get all the images at your fingertips and save a lot of your time doing maths.

Keep Organized

Quickly observe the undone lessons and goals that need to focus & strengthen on.

Why Is Mathematics Important?

  • Mathematics is a key to the future and a capability required for technology, engineering, and IT to thrive.
  • Math and Technology together can open new doors of possibilities and lead the children to strong positions so that they can be able to handle their lives tomorrow.
  • Mathematics is the future’s building block. And one can use its ability to solve real and essential problems of daily life.
  • Children tend to understand the value of numbers at an early age by establishing a strong base in mathematics.
  • Core concepts of mathematics aid youngsters to understand the world better and expand their boundaries.

What Do We Believe?

  • Every student can touch the peak if given the right platforms, resources, and opportunities to polish their skills.
  • Education is the basic need of every student, and so is mathematics. In schools, teachers can not focus properly on each student, and hence many get deprived of the opportunities and lack self-confidence.
  • Teachers must learn to tell the same tale in a different & unique way to grab students’ attention and interest. Therefore, they must engage themselves to find out innovative teaching ways to keep students motivated and focused.
  • Parents must not wait for the report card to know their child’s school progress. Instead, they must be aware of every step of their child, their weaknesses & strengths, and get daily updates.
  • Being engaged in high-quality education programs from a young age can be very helpful for children. It can promote and transform children’s cognitive and social growth into successful adolescents.

Are you looking forward to learning online mathematics?

Mathsgenii is the best online platform if you want to enhance your mathematical skills online. Don’t you know how? Let us make it clear:

  1. Mathsgenii is an online program where we reduce math anxiety and fear to boost test results.
  2. It is a series of online mathematical activities to help students with critical reasoning & problem-solving.
  3. We use multiple modern and traditional learning tools to encourage and develop maths interest in students, including; gaming-based-quizzes, animations, worksheets, books, Notes, Maths Sample Papers, exemplar problems, etc.
  4. Our content is entire as per your academic syllabus and updated with all the necessary elements you can quickly get online.
  5. We have free registration & students’ counseling sessions (if needed).
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