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Mathematics Class V

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Maths Class V Course Description

Mathematics Class V is all about the fundamentals of Maths.

Learning Mathematics is fun, but often, students avoid doing maths due to its complications.

Mathematics is a widely used subject in everyday life, along with exceptional academics. So, the basic concept of mathematics is vital to know. These include counting the numbers, subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, place value, etc.

So, the question is how to make maths’ learning process as easy as to be at fingertips.

Mathsgenii is the answer to all your questions. We provide simple and easy strategies for your kids to get interested in maths and learn the basics without much effort. Also, we make it fun to discover the origin of maths; counting.

Foundation is the building block of life. So is with the foundation of mathematics. Our experts aim to build kids’ foundation greatly strong so that it etches their mind forever.

Class V is the promoting grade for the senior classes, and until & unless the fundamentals are not clear, their maths confusions are never going to remove.

Mathematics Class V teaches students with creative concepts that they feel excited to learn instead of being afraid of the subject.

Our experts engage students with a daily worksheet, visualization, and a lot more daily.

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After the coronavirus & pandemic threats & measures, health and safety have become an alarming object worldwide. Everybody is in fear of life & death. Hence, they want to get the convenient possible solution all at home.

Thus, online classes for the students to practice their subject seem the best and smart choice for any intelligent brain.

Students can also register for our online classes and avail more benefits. They can access online study material on our website, including; books, question papers, worksheets, Maths Sample Papers, etc.

You can find out exercise-wise solutions for each chapter. To get access to the course outline and exercise solutions, you need to “SIGN UP‘ the program with the link at the top.

The basic concepts of Mathematics Class V are listed below. Practice these exercises for self-analysis and make yourself capable of scoring well in the exams.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Large Numbers
  • The Four Fundamental Operations
  • Factors and Multiples
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Algebra
  • Perimeter, Area, and Volume
  • Applications of Percentage
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Shapes, Net, and Symmetry
  • Data Handling
  • Mapping Skills
“Practice makes a man perfect!”

So, to enhance your mathematics skills and problem-solving speed, you need to practice regularly. Besides, it would be best to make a study schedule to clear all your concepts and maintain persistence. However, it will build a good understanding of your subject to score better in Maths examinations.

For any additional guide, our professional tutors are always there to help you.

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