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The basic focus of Mathsgenii is to cater to the students of Class IV to Class X for the final examination. We assist them in preparing for ICSE and CBSE boards following the latest CBSE Maths Syllabus. Thus, we fully assure that the students achieve their academic goals. Also, we try that they face the least possible distraction in their online classes. Besides, our focus is to furnish their problem-solving skills to do well in the final Maths CBSE examination.

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Mathematics Class X Test Papers - 10 Years

Mathematics CBSE Class X Test Papers – 10 Years

Our Program

Our program is designed with lots of research. Here, a child of every age is led through different questions based on the ability and skills. A-I based learning is the key behind our program’s design, which improves the child’s skills with practice.


Parents can give their children the complete comfort of learning from home without worrying about anything.

Mathsgenii Courses

We provide complete curriculum coverage from Grade 1 to 10. We offer the children interactive lessons, practice questions, and quizzes on every chapter. Thus, it will help students to build confidence and speed in mathematics.

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Features of Our Courses

Why Mathematics?

Starting maths early helps in a child’s cognitive development. It is the ability to think and reason. Also, it helps to change the brain activity patterns. Because a child acquires more math proficiency and more profound knowledge.

How are we different?

We understand the learning gap of a child. So, we go in the depth of its root cause. When diagnosed, we try to fill the gap and the weak points. Our skilled trainers give special attention to the child’s strengths and weakness. Moreover, they deliver our A-I based program through the designed curriculum.

Mathsgenii Online Study Material

Mathsgenii is giving you almost every material that is essential for practicing your mathematics. Some of our online study material includes:

  • Top-notch Mathematics Trainers
  • Books
  • Notes
  • Question Papers
  • Worksheets
  • Exemplar problems
  • Maths Sample Papers
  • Online Video (Live/Recorded)
  • Mathematical Games
  • Homework Assignment
  • Quizzes
  • Mock Tests

What does we Offer?

Conceptual Knowledge

Every chapter covers concepts through texts and videos. These helps in gaining a deeper understanding and knowledge.

Personalized Trainer

Our online personalized trainers help the child give a deeper understanding of the topics. Also, they work to strengthen their weak areas.

Concept Checkers

Every chapter has concept checkers to help in checking the concepts. Thus, to build a strong knowledge of the areas covered.

Practice Questions

We do enough practice in each area to help the child build speed and proficiency.


Quizzes are to evaluate a child's overall performance.

Mock Tests

The purpose of the Mock Test is the score improvement of the students in academic performance. So, these are planned at the end of every semester to give the child the feel of real exams.

Mathsgenii Class Schedule

Mathegeniii weekdays are fully crowded, one after the other class. Each class longs about an hour or depending on the level or the number of students per class. Moreover, we have live as well recorded classes divided within different weekdays.

Also, we arrange extra classes for such students who need additional assistance on weekends.

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We wish your visit to Mathsgenii.com will be worthy and motivated regarding mathematics. Also, we hope you will start thinking seriously about polishing your Mathematical skills & abilities.


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Emma Hart
“I am a Tutor and I liked the course structure as its well designed to suit the need of the child. Child can well adapt to the learning environment as its convenient, easy to use and very much comprehensible.”
Emma Hart
Eddie Johnson
“I am a grade 9 student and will be appearing in board exams next year. The course coverage and amount of practice done by mathsgenii has helped me in increasing my speed and gaining deeper understanding of concepts.”
Eddie Johnson
Jonathan Doe
“I am a high school tutor and joined mathsgenii few months back. The work environment at mathsgenii is very cordial and everyone learns from each other. Their focus on child's overall development makes the teacher given extra attention to the student which creates good bonding between student and teacher.”
Jonathan Doe
Mike Edward
“I am a grade 10 student and will be moving to higher secondary school next year. Mathsgenii has helped me in giving career guidance which will help me in choosing my courses at higher secondary school. Their tutors do more than just tutoring and are ready to help anytime.”
Mike Edward
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